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Some changes coming in April 2022

Hello and welcome to the brand new blog from Wooden Spoon Crafts!

As always we're hard at work designing new products and shipping out orders. We sell on many different third party platforms as well as here on our own website of course!

Sadly, the cost of doing business is set to increase substantially, especially on Etsy where we conduct a lot of our third-party selling.

A blog is something we have been intending to add to our website for a long time but one of those things that we just never got around to, since we've been incredibly busy over the last couple of years, but we are now delighted to bring regular updates to our followers on all things greetings card and handmade card related!

We've sold thousands of handmade, personalised cards all over the globe and things have really gone into overdrive since about March of 2020 and we (Sam and myself - Nick) would love to send out a special THANK YOU to each and every customer who has purchased our products. Also, we have been absolutely delighted with the feedback we've received over the last few years - we're approaching 3,000 five star reviews on Etsy which is amazing!

...back to pricing news...

Sadly, due to an increase in seller fees on Etsy as well as other platforms, including this very website (provided by Wix) we will be raising our prices slightly to help meet this cost increase. Additionally, Royal Mail are increasing their prices in April too - including for business account holders like ourselves. While we will still offer the free postage option for all orders over £10.00, our standard postage rates will see a slight increase. Where we offer free postage on items on platforms such as Etsy and eBay, you may also note a small increase in the price to cover the additional postage costs. Needless to say, this will not increase our profits but sadly as a small business we simply can't just absorb the cost of increased fees and postage so we will have to pass some of that on to our customers - this is not something we like to do but feel there is no real alternative.

Still, rest assured the quality of our product or service will not be hindered in any way and business will carry on as usual!

So, thanks again to all our customers and followers and anybody who takes the time to read this blog post.

Take care,

The Wooden Spoon Crafts Team

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